GroceryX is a platform built for communities to have their own local system of food distribution - unreliant on massive transportation chains and corporate practices that waste thousands of tons of food. GroceryX is a platform where farmers can regrow their profits, and communities can prosper.

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About GroceryX


Groceryx is a revolutionary platform. Currently, there are no other platforms that allow for the distribution of fresh food. As the first farm to table platform, GroceryX puts the business model in the hands of the farmer, and the savings onto the consumer.

ERC20 Token

Based on the Ethereum technology, GroeryX has an ERC20 token - FOOD - that will be used as the central transfer of money between users. GroceryX has a total amount of 850,000,000 FOOD tokens. Tokens will be distributed in a Pre-Sale, then the crowdsale, then through exchanges and directly from our website. 

Climate Change
GroceryX is the solution. We are building a platform that provides a community network with a new means of local food distribution we encourage a system free from using fossil fuels. Currently, climate change is poised to damage crops around the world, so by setting up a new source of food - besides the traditional grocery store or farmer’s market. GroceryX helps limit the number of goods sold by traditional agricultural producers - meaning less pollution from their end.



Strategy, Engineering, Smart Contracts


New client sales and community manager


Media and public relations. Maddie has over 5 years experience working with journalism and writing. 


Mary / Advisor for Farming Operations

Mary is a business owner, farmer, and part of a coalition of local farmers.


Consults for GroceryX on the global impact of the GroceryX platform.

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